Download Lidc 4.4.3060

Release Date: 16 April 2023



For Windows 11/10/8.1/8/7

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- Feature: Added support for Runescape's new launcher


- Fix: Updated client specification for Path of Exile


-Fix: Updated client specification for Runescape (updated to Open GL 3.0/3.1)


-Fix: Added support for TBC Classic
-Note: If you were playing WoWClassic before:
you need to edit your game under Settings and re-select the WoWClassic executable in the "Executable" parameter.


-Feature: Added an option in Run Settings that allows you to override the delay before applying a client's layout on launch


-Feature: Added an option in Run Settings that allows you to override the delay before automatically entering into the game world
-Feature: Added a new hotkey in Run Settings that is bound to the Run All function which already exists in the run menu


- Fixed an issue where broadcasting modifiers combined with mousewheel could cause the modifiers to remain enabled


- Fix: Updated mouse broadcasting coordinate system to match the new client update (BFA 8.3.7)
- Fix: Fixed an issue where the cursor would not hide on slave clients when rotating the camera (Classic)
- Fix: Forced Resolution in Layouts will now properly reset itself when disabled
- Fix: Fixed an issue where sometimes the automatic authenticator feature would not work for a character
- Fix: Normal clicks will now register properly on slave clients even when the main is rotating its camera


- Feature: Added Blizzard Authenticator support for World of Worldcraft


- Fix: Updated the launch process for Tera Online
- Feature: Added Support for Diablo 3


- Fix: Fixed issue with WoW Classic crashing with error #132 when resized after patch 1.13.4
* The previous temporary fix has been removed
- Fix: The cursor on the slave clients will now blend properly again to the game content
- Misc: The software will now remember the last PiP visibility state


- Fix: Moved the Layout effect after the logon process (temporary fix for WoW Classic error #132 of patch 1.13.4)


- Misc: Internal Testing


- Fix: Fixed an issue with Runescape mouse broadcasting


- Feature: Added support for Path of Exile
- Fix: Fixed an issue with Runescape client not been found at launch
- Feature: Added user log for errors and broadcasting accessible through the Help menu under the Settings Page


- Misc: Minor fixes


- Fix: Modifiers will now pass through PiP areas
- Feature: Added game executable parameters option to game settings
- Fix: Border settings will now only be applied to clients included in the active layout
- Feature: Added support for the RuneLitePlus client
- Feature: Added option to automatically toggle broadcasting for clients of the same team when switching clients


- Feature: Added Sub-Account setting for the Autorun feature
- Misc: Added Sub-Account selection delay in the Run Menu settings
- Feature: Added Schedule Run option in the Run Menu that allows to specify date and time to run selected characters
- Fix: Keylists will now refresh properly when renaming one


- Feature: New Force Resolution setting in the layout designer
Use this setting to render all clients at the same game resolution and stretch contents to fit your windows
- Feature: Added option to allow mouse input behind Picture in Picture areas
- Fix: A case where clicks through PiP areas wouldn't go through
- Fix: Autodetect will now apply the layout settings for the detected clients
- Fix: Snapping improvements in the layout designer
- Misc: New option in the Layouts right click menu to customize behavior when double clicking a layout
- Misc: New option in the Characters filter menu to choose between actual game names and own custom game names
- Misc: Increased size of key remap fields a bit to fit larger key combinations without wrapping


- Support for WoW Classic


- Feature: View all currently active hotkeys (hotkey settings menu)
- Misc: Internal improvements


- Fix: Mouse cursor will now stay in place when the main client is rotating but slave is not
- Fix: The remember account name setting will now be retained when the auto connect feature is not used
- Fix: Smooth synced camera rotation
- Misc: Internal improvements


- Fixed scaling for multiple monitors with variable scaling settings
- Added game art for WoW expansions


- Update Downloader: View the changes log and update Lidc directly from the software
- Selective Broadcasting: Form teams and assign hotkeys to control their broadcasting status
The Selective Broadcasting feature can be accessed through the new hotkey settings button in the Input Page
- Added toggle hotkeys for Key Lists
- Added Key List indicator on the status bar
- Fixed a mouse coordinates issue in the Full Screen Designer with multiple monitors


- Fixed a mouse issue that was caused by a change in a recent update


- Some fixes and improvements


- Interface fixes for the layout designer


- Fixed various interface related glitches in the layout designers
- Fixed synchronized camera rotation speed
- Added a Run Settings option under the Run menu
- Exposed the Logon Delay timer in the Run Settings


- The Picture in Picture feature has been redesigned:
Added ability to select and customize the size and position of both the target and source PiP areas
Created graphical interface that alllows control and manipulation of PiP areas
- Added hotkeys to show the Full Screen Designer and to Toggle Picture in Picture areas (under general layout options)
- Fixed a bug with the move down operation when reordering characters


- Added support for the new D3D11 graphics option in WoW
- Added option to run characters with double click in the filter menu
- Internal improvements


- Added tooltips for buttons and settings
- Application hotkeys will no longer conflict with input keys
- Added optional actions for conflictng hotkeys
- Support for the new D3D11 Legacy graphics option in WoW


- Various Interface Improvements: * Performance improvements for layout designer in full screen mode
* Live characters should now always stay in the background in full screen mode
* Option to reorder layouts in right click menu
* Drag and drop for reordering characters, groups and layouts
- Added support for RuneScape and RuneLite (beta)
- Clean up improvements after closing clients


- Implemented DX12 Support
- Fixed a bug which caused inability to change affinity to all processors while running
- Fixed a case of client crash after closing the main app while running
- Internal performance and stability improvements
- The 32-bit version has been discontinued (the 64-bit version can still be used for 32-bit games)


- Layout designer additions and improvements:
* You can now snap to other clients
* Added grid predefined layouts
* Greatly increased performance when resizing clients for both full screen and designer modes
* Added a move to monitor setting in client selection settings
* Added monitor icons in designer mode
* You can now choose to display game art for the clients in the monitor preview window
* Added game art for all supported games
* Fixed precision on the designer preview
- Added a new keylist setting to allow broadcasting of modifiers without the use of a normal key
- Group layout will now be applied when launching a group
- Added group reordering option in the groups interface
- The layout border setting will now be applied always regardless of previous window state
- Fixed an issue where key broadcasting was prevented while a mouse button was being held down in some cases
- Fixed an issue where a 32-bit client could be detected as 64-bit
- Fixed an issue where autodetection wouldn't apply mouse & activation modes properly
- Fixed an issue where fake cursors would disappear when launching with mouse broadcasting initially turned on
- Various internal improvements


- Fixed an issue that caused slugginesh and eventual crash while mouse broadcasting (DX11)


- Full DX11 support for current (Legion) and upcoming expansion of World of Warcraft
- Interface visual changes to a more modern and scale friendly style
- Added application size setting
- Added extra settings for non-supported games
- Added character filter for unassigned characters
- Various internal improvements


- Cursor on slave windows will now be displayed using the correct action icon
- Improved performance while mouse broadcasting
- Added FPS Limiter for both foreground and background clients
- New setting: Automatic Affinity enables you to distribute your clients automatically among availabe CPU cores
- New setting: Automatic FPS limiter enables you to automatically use ideal settings for improved performance
- Onscreen status display will now follow the game window when changing size
- Remap grid will now display properly at startup
- Releasing modifiers will now be broadcast correctly to slave windows
- Fixed Windows 10 placing invisibile borders around client windows
- Prevent simultaneous left and right click broadcast will no longer block other keys
- Autodetected clients will now be immune to the game filter
- You can now filter the visible characters by game, in the key remapping grid
- The By Char remapping mode grid has been rearranged as Active to Target for simplicity
- Clients excluded using the Keys or Clicks checkbox will also not broadcast additional to not receiving
- Import and Export Data have been renamed to Backup and Restore for clarity
- Hotkeys will now work even when broadcasting is turned off
- Fixed keys sometimes not releasing when alt tabing to a non game window
- Picture in Picture (PiP) clients will now always have their borders removed regardless of their layout border setting
- Remapped keys are now allowed through to the main client
- The software will now scale better on high DPI monitors


- Added support for The Lord of the Rings Online
- Added the ability to specify custom game settings per individual character
- Main game list will now properly update when adding a game through profile settings
- The Help button in license activator will now take you directly to the License Issue Resolution Center
- Internal improvements


- Added option for system tray notifications
- The default for Close or Minimize to Tray has been changed to on
- Added window class in the game settings for use with unsupported games
- Added support for Anarchy Online
- Internal improvements


- Updates for World of Warcraft: Legion
- Fixed invalid warning when editing a game in the game list
- The layout designer and full screen designer will now account for multiple monitors in all directions
- Client previews in the layout designer will now update faster when Sync Running Clients is on
- PiP clients will now be set properly at launch
- PiP clients will now sync with Apply and Save when Sync Running Clients is on in the layout designer
- Modifiers Ctrl, Alt, Shift can now be used in conjuction with all mouse buttons to assign hotkeys
- Added error reporting for some cases


- Fixed an issue causing an internal game graphics bug
- Increased waiting time for launched clients
- Snap to grid will now only apply when the grid is enabled
- The On Screen Status display will now show the layout name when using a layout hotkey


- Fixed error 132 when launching 64bit clients
- Increased logon wait time for clients that take longer to launch
- Fixed an issue with the cursor position when mouse broadcasting


- Fake cursors will now stay in perfect sync with the main client
- Turning remove borders to off post run, will now revert borders to the original state
- You will now be warned when adding a game with an executable that already exists
- The advanced game settings will now only show for unsupported games
- The currently active layout will now be highlighted in the layout page list
- Autoconnect will make sure client has fully launched before sending logon information
- Added move char to top and bottom buttons in the Reorder dialog for conveniency
- Snap to grid in the layout designer now also works with the monitor edges and corners


- Game List: You may now create a list of games to choose from when creating a character
* Games defined in previous versions will automatically be added to the list
* Games added from previous versions will be named based on their path. You may edit each game to personalise it
* The own client setting has been removed from character settings
- Added support for the following games: Tera Online, Everquest, Ultima Online Classic and Dark Age of Camelot (beta)
- Added generic support for games using a launcher
- The option Remove Borders has been moved to the Layout settings
* Layouts created in previous versions will have Remove Borders set to on if they contained characters with this option
- It is now possible to drag interface items across all clients when mouse broadcasting is on
* Check Prevent Mouse Drag under the Input Page if you wish to disable it
- The currently active layout will now be displayed in the status bar
- Stop Run will now be properly removed from the Run Menu after launching a client has been completed
- The Tray icon will now always show on tray when the Close or Minimize option is checked
- Fixed an issue with exporting a large number of characters when using the Export Data function
- Changing the active layout will now automatically update the running clients
- The Filter Run Menu option in the game filter will now be properly checked/unchecked when selected
- Games in the filter menu will now be sorted properly by game first and then by expansion
- Added a built-in keylist called "All Keys" which may be selected in the Input Page to broadcast all keys
- The last selected keylist will now be remembered when exiting the software


- High DPI monitors will now be detected properly
- Game filter should now always list games in proper order
- Internal improvements


- Fixed an issue where the Show Cursor option would cause delays during Mouse Broadacasting
- Greatly improved multiple cursor performance
- Autodetected clients will now use an appropriate cursor
- Fixed one case where the program wouldnt show when using the Toggle Lidc Window hotkey
- Added coordinate settings to the full screen Layout Toolkit


- New option: Show Cursor on all Clients, is now in the Input Page
- You may now cancel the launch process by choosing Stop Run under the Run or Tray menu
- Clicking on Run All twice will now show an appropriate message
- Autodetect should now also work with the latest expansions of wow
- Fixed an issue where autodetect would affect the main program
- Error 0 when requesting a trial and blocked by a firewall has been replaced by a more informative message
- The layout designer will now remember the Sync Running Clients option until program closes
- Internal improvements


- The 64-bit version of Lidc is now available
- Fixed an issue with the tray menu being slow when using a game filter


- Fixed an issue with scrolling when using the game filter
- Internal improvements


- You can now filter your characters by game in the Characters page
- Fixed an issue when fast-switching through PiP clients
- Toggle Lidc window hotkey will now work properly when Lidc is minimized
- Account names should now always be filled in properly for own-client characters
- Double clicking on a character will now edit that character automatically
- Excluding the taskbar when designing a layout will now automatically adjust clients if needed
- Removed characters will now properly be removed in all associated features
- Removed layouts will now be properly removed from any associated groups
- The setting Activate on Hotkey has been removed
- New setting Keep Focus when Switching, enable this to keep control of current character when switching
- Reordering profiles will now maintain their currrently shown running status in the list
- Mouse buttons are now treated as normal keys. This excludes left and right mouse buttons


- Full screen layout design is now available
- Fixed client drawing being too slow for layouts with many clients
- Grid will now only hide behind selected clients
- You can now select the preferred layout for each of your groups
- A submit feedback function is now available under the Help menu
- Default layout is now called None for clarity


- Fixed round robin not releasing keys between rounds
- Fixed round robin not being applied on the first key press after running Lidc
- Fixed remapped keys not broadcasting to autodetected clients
- Fixed logon information not being filled in sometimes
- Double clicking on an input key will now show the key options
- Fixed a crash in the key options dialog
- The key options button will now activate when you enter a key in the input box


- Lidc is now back to its original loved size
- The layout designer page has been reverted and the layout page now serves a different purpose
* You can now preview and apply (double click) layouts from the layout page, additional to the layout menu
* You can now launch the designer from the layout page
- Fixed an issue with the run menu where the wrong client would be run right after another client was lost


- The layout designer has been moved onto a tab of its own
- Running a new game with no config file will now correctly apply the layout settings
- The about box has been updated with the new support email address
- You can now choose to check for updates on startup or not
- Exclude taskbar is now a per layout option


- Fixed an issue where the On Screen Status Display would stop updating after a large number of toggles
- The Runtime window in the Characters page will now scroll automatically
- It is now possible to change the order of all your characters


- Fast switching games will now also switch any PiP games they may have
- PiP activation mode is now a global layout setting
- Saving a layout will now verify all PiP games are correctly placed
- Making changes to a layout will not apply it automatically anymore
- Added customisation for the On Screen Status Display feature


- Implemented PiP for multiple games
- Added options to activate a PiP game with mouse click or mouse hover
- Fixed an issue where mouse would be a little bit off for smaller games
- Added show password option in character settings
- Added a Check Updates option under the Help menu in Settings page


- Mouse click coordinates has been fixed
- Added Picture in Picture support (PiP)
- Fixed a glitch with graphics at launch
- Mouse wheel up and down can now be used as input keys
- Autodetected clients can now be used in the layout designer
- The layout save warning will not show anymore unless the layout has actually changed
- Scheduled launch has been removed from profiles
- Keys and mouse can now be started/stopped individually
- You will now be automatically notified when there is an update available

Minimum System Requirements

- Microsoft Windows 7 or later
- Internet Access